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Wilfred Aldous (1914 - 1988)

Wilfred ALDOUS was the second and final child of Joseph and Eliza; he was born in Rochdale, Lancashire on 25th July 1914. He married Bertha (Betty) Griffiths in 1936 at Trinity Methodist Chapel on William Henry street where Bertha's father Sydney was caretaker. The couple lived at nearby Frank Street and raised two children, Barry born in July 1936 and Barbara born in September 1938. Both the original chapel has been replaced and Frank St. has been demolished.

Wilfred (Wilf) began work at a local sweet factory owned by friends of his brother-in-law. He trained to be a Sugar Boiler at Wilby's sweet factory before being called-up for service in the second world war at the age of 25. He served in the RAF for the full term, deployed in India and the Cocos Island, a small island in the Indian ocean, midway between India and Australia.

Following Demob, Wilf returned to his home and family and continued to work for Wilby's. The family moved to Accrington, Lancashire in 1950 where Wilf had accepted a managerial role with the confectioners, Tom Hodgson's. It was while living at 92, Steiner Street that the family took over a local 'corner shop' on Hyndeburn Road. This became the domain of Betty, who was well known for the sandwiches she provided to workers at the local Ewbank factory. Sadly, all of the properties mentioned in this paragraph no longer exist.

A short time after Wilf's retirement, the shop was sold and the family moved to 53, Park Road here much of their life was spent travelling and the pursuit of hobbies.

Wilf was a fine artist and was industrious in this hobby, producing many oils and watercolours in his lifetime. His work has be exhibited at the Howarth Art Gallery (Home of the Tiffany Glass collection) and he also undertook commissioned work. He was also had an interest in aircraft and marine modelling, a hobby he shared with his son, Barry. Betty is a keen needleworker and continues to make tapestries after the loss of her husband on 10th May 1988.

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