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The origin of the name Aldous

Some members of our family believe the family name has its origins in France, and so far I have found no evidence to either prove or disprove this theory. Currently there are only a handful of people with the name Aldous living in France, whereas there are over 4000 in the United Kingdom, but that does not mean the situation was the same five or six hundred years ago.

A dictionary of surnames gives the following definitions:- 



From the Middle English feminine given name Aldus, a pet form of any of the numerous Old English personal names

(borne by both sexes) with a first element  ‘ald’ or ‘old’.

Habitation name from a place in Strathclyde (Renfrewshire)., name as Old English old plus hus – house.

Variations listed are Aldis, Alldis, Aldus, Aldhouse, Audis and Oldis. Other known variations include Aldhowse,

Aldowse, Alders.

The surname Aldous is common in East Anglia: one family (ours) can trace their ancestry to a certain William Aldous (d 1528) of Fressingfield, Suffolk.

The name is first recorded in Fressingfield in 1327., and it is also recorded as the name of the rector of  Wreningham, Norfolk in 1393.and in 1284 his son John d'Aldhus reaffirmed this renunciation in a court of the justiciar of Lothian.

In 1265 Roger, son of  Reginald de Aldhous resigned all claim to the lands of Aldous, Renfrewshire held by himself and his father,

This document will be updated as and when new information becomes available.