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William and Johane had three sons, Robert (1479 - 1559), Richard (1485 - 1560) and Thomas (1490 - 1569).  The dates are close approximations.

William Aldous died on 15th January 1531 and was buried in Fressingfield

He left a will dated 13th December 1528 but so far this as not been accessed to find what provisions were made for its content which included - Fields in Whittingham; Pightle called Godbaldys in Chippenhall; Four acres in Fressingfield; A field called Ferfeld in Fressingfield; A field called Imphedgeland in Chippenhall


The Hoxne Registration District of Suffolk

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Robert ALDOUS (1479 - 1559) - In Subsidy Roll of 1524

Eldest son of William and Johane was born and baptised in Fressingfield during 1479. He married a woman called Elizabeth in 1519 buther maiden surname is not known. They had six children, Joanne, Agnes, William, Thomas, Alice, John and Robert. Elizabeth died on the11th February 1575, a will of an Elizabeth Aldous, “widow of Fressingfield” dated 11th April 1566 was witnessed by a Thomas Gowyn, whether or not this is the same Elizabeth as still to be verified. Robert died in 1559 and was buried on the 20th January 1559.

Son of Robert and Elizabeth was born and baptised in Fressingfield in 1530 according to the IGI list, although there is also a reference to th July 1567. They had one son Stephen who was born in1578. Margaret was born in

1535. He married Margaret NOYES on the 10

Fressingfield, but the actual year of her birth is not currently known, she died in 1605 and was buried on the 5th June 1605. William died th December that year.

in 1583 and was buried in Fressingfield on the 4

Son of William and Margaret was born in Fressingfield in 1578 according to the IGI list but the exact date is not quoted. He married a

Margaret ALDOUS in 1602.  Margaret was the daughter of James Aldous and Anne Godbold of Fressingfield.  They had five children,

Elizabeth, Mary, Stephen, William and John.  It is not known whether Margaret was related to the family prior to her marriage to Stephen, or whether it was just a name coincidence; she died in Fressingfield in 1614. 

Stephen married again to Margaret (Martha) Harrison, a widow, in 1617.  Margaret died in 1617 and Stephen in1627.  He was buried in nd January that year.

Fressingfield on the 2

His will deposited on the 16th June 1622 and probated on the 19th February 1627 included - Lands called Bourneys, Peaslye, Hushawe

Green, meassuage called Cotwaynes or Bablons and a meassuage in Whittingham.

Son and fourth child of Stephen and Margaret he was born in Fressingfield in 1610. He married Ruth BARBOR, daughter of Edmund Barbor of Weybread, in Fressingfield on the 23rd of October 1634. They had five children, Ruth, John, Margaret, William and Johnathon. or Ruth, but she died in Fressingfield in 1691. William was an Able Man of Suffolk for Fressingfield and paid 8s/3d (about 40p) for Ship Money in March 1640.  He was burried in Fressingfield on the 2nd December 1678.

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His will deposited on the 24th September 1678 and probated on the 16th February 1678. 

William ALDOUS (Aldhowse) (1645 - 1714) - Yoeman of Dennington married Anne WALPOLE of Starlston, Norfolk. They were nd April 1678, they had seven children all born in the same village, Anne, William, John, Thomas, Martha, Mary and Stephen.Son and fourth child of William and Ruth he was born and christened in Stradbroke in 1645. He was married twice; his first wife was Anne.

married in Stradbroke on the 2

With no information to the contrary it is assumed that Anne died between 1695 and 1700 with William remarrying to Mary KNAPP of th September 1700 in Fressingfield. They also had seven children, Sarah, Stephen, Richard, Ruth, William, Jonathon and James.

Brundish on the 29

William had lands in Fressingfield, left a will dated September 1714 probated by the Norwich Consistory the same year.  He was buried rd January 1714 Fressingfield

on 3

Son and third child of William and Mary, he was born in Stradbroke on the 14th of April 1705 being baptised in Brundish on the 3rd of

May that year.He married Hannah DALLASTON in Stradbroke on 30th September 1730.  They lived at Barley Green Farm, Stradbroke (still standing) and they had seven children;  Richard, Hannah, John, William (short lived), Elizabeth, William and James. Hannah was born in 1710 and died on the 16th July 1786 in Stradbroke leaving a will dated 21st of January 1782 and probated on the 27th of July 1786 - a headstone remains. Richard died on 18th May 1779 also in Stradbroke and left a will dated 6th May 1779, probated on 7th of June 1779.  He had a meassuage in Stradbroke. 

Eldest son of Richard and Hannah; born 1731 in Stradbroke. He married Elizabeth TOVELL on the 4th of October 1751 in Stradbrokeand they had fourteen children; Richard, Thomas, James, Elizabeth (short lived), John, Hannah, William, Elizabeth (short lived), Elizabeth, Mary William (short lived), William and Stephen.  Richard was buried in Stradbroke on the 25th of April 1811.

Third child to Richard and Elizabeth, James was baptised in Stradbroke on the 4th July 1755.  He married Ann HAZEL  in Athelington and they had eight children; Hannah, James, John, William, Harriet, Charlotte, Henry and Thomas. There is no record of Ann’s birth but rd April 1828. James senior died in 1827 and was buried on 10th September of that year in Wilby according tp the IGI list.

she died in Wilby Suffolk on 23

James was born in Wilby and baptised on the 8th of May 1785 to James and Ann. He married Elizabeth WEAVER and they had nine

children; Charlotte, Hannah, James, Henry, Mary Ann, Thomas, Eliza, John and William. There is no current knowledge of when James and Elizabeth were married, or where and when they died.

Henry was born to James and Elizabeth in 1815 in Worlingworth and baptised on the 2nd of July that year in Brundish, Suffolk. He was

married on the 1st of March 1836 to Sarah MAYHEW who was born in 1818 also in Worlingworth, and they had seven children; George, Charlotte, Edgar, William, Thomas, Mary and Alice. At some time between 1845 and 1848 the family had moved from Suffolk to the

Glossop area of Derbyshire - The Move North.

The census of 1881 shows Henry, Sarah and Alice living at 15 Platt Street, Glossop Dale in Derbyshire. Henry was at that time employed as a labourer in a cotton mill.

The census also showed, that Sarah’s nephew Frederick Mayhew was living with them, and was also employed as a labourer in a cotton

mill. Frederick was born in 1855 in Worlingworth Suffolk, and was not married at the time of the census.

Henry died in 1892 in the Heyfield district and Sarah in 1900 in the Glossop District.

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